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Family Lawyers in Red Deer - The dissolution of a marriage or family can be somewhat draining both emotionally and financially. It is vitally important that you call our firm before making any choices when family strife results in irreconcilable differences. In such a hard time, the tendency is to want to move on with your life and just get through it with the least amount of drama. However, you require help of family law lawyers to be able to avoid making costly mistakes in judgment.

We can protect your best interests and help you prevent errors, like for example losing custody of your kid. Our lawyers would fight for you to have custody and to maintain an active and integral part in the life of your kid. Child custody is most usually granted to the mother, providing she is considered a fit parent. Nonetheless, joint custody is a common option, and in several cases, sole custody may be granted to the dad.

We can help you build a strong case as to why your spouse must not have sole legal custody of your kid, if this is not in yours or your childs best interests. If you are seeking sole custody, our child custody lawyers would develop a case that shows the court the reason why you are the best person to have sole custody.

The family law professionals within our company would help you to understand your rights and make informed decisions as you proceed through significant changes in your family life. Our firm provides clients a range of family law services, comprising equalization of assets, assistance with divorce, separation or prenuptial agreements and division of property. Our skilled family law lawyers are up-to-date in all aspects of family law. Please phone us to acquire a consultation on all your legal options.

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The first people within the area called Red Deer, were the aboriginal tribes, including Plains Cree, Blackfoot, and Stoney. Through the late 18th century, European fur traders began to pass through the area. One of these first settlers, Reverend Leonard Gaetz, purchased and after that gave half of his 1,240 acres to the Calgary and Edmonton Railway to be able to develop a bridge over the river and town site. As a result, the very first train from Calgary to Edmonton went through Red Deer during the year 1891. Red Deer was incorporated as a town in 1901, and it developed mostly its agricultural service and distribution centre. It became more developed during the year 1907, when it was selected as the divisional point for the Canadian Pacific Railway...