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Criminal Law Firm Red Deer - The are an unprecedented number of mergers and acquisitions in today's world that has caused a changed economic landscape. Our company has helped play a part in this activity. We have assisted our clients with their high profile mergers and acquisitions in international, domestic and cross-border transactions of varying complexity and size. Our lawyers give sensible recommendation and practical help to assist clients attain their company objectives. We advise sellers and buyers, lenders, financial advisors and target businesses in transactions involving the purchase or sale of shares or assets, going-private transactions, hostile and friendly take-overs, restructuring and reorganizations, divestitures to public and private companies, plans and amalgamations of arrangement.

We have gained great knowledge in acting for clients both as special and legal counsel, working on high profile acquisitions, take-over bids and mergers. This has enabled us to be extremely effective in helping our clients attain their goals. For companies, their shareholders or boards, we help with contested shareholder meetings, proxy solicitations and the implementation or intervention with respect to poison pills. Our services to committees of the board, individual director and boards of director consist of providing strategic recommendation concerning different problems like applicable fiduciary duties and responsibilities and due diligence standards. Our lawyers provide representation to lenders, shareholders and investment bankers involved in take-over contests.

Companies have been ever more subject to scrutiny and regulatory review in the economic climate today. We can help those companies through their hard economic times and can act for clients seeking approval from the Canadian Competition Bureau. Our clients wanting approval for mergers are located within the consumer foods, information technology, communications, financial services and resource sectors. We advise about such matters as efficiency analysis and the competitive impact of mergers. We can assist clients opposing mergers acquire remedies from the Competition Bureau. Our international experience comprises compliance with regulatory review and participation in merger review in Japan, Europe and the United States. Our lawyers help clients with acquisition financing through senior, mezzanine, and subordinated debt problems.

Our firms lawyers take advantage of the skill of different professionals within our company, particularly in handling matters of real estate, tax, the environment, intellectual property, pension and competition law. Our integrated team of lawyers provides professional help with all the requirements of major commercial transactions.

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The first people within the area called Red Deer, were the aboriginal tribes, including Plains Cree, Blackfoot, and Stoney. Through the late 18th century, European fur traders began to pass through the area. One of these first settlers, Reverend Leonard Gaetz, purchased and after that gave half of his 1,240 acres to the Calgary and Edmonton Railway to be able to develop a bridge over the river and town site. As a result, the very first train from Calgary to Edmonton went through Red Deer during the year 1891. Red Deer was incorporated as a town in 1901, and it developed mostly its agricultural service and distribution centre. It became more developed during the year 1907, when it was selected as the divisional point for the Canadian Pacific Railway...