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Personal Injury Red Deer - Our company's personal injury lawyers know the devastating effects accidents have on victims and their families.

Our skilled and experienced trial attorneys represent victims within all fields of personal injury, including motorcycle, truck and automobile accidents, other workplace and construction accidents, slip/trip and falls, traumatic brain injury, malpractice and product liability. Our skilled and compassionate paralegals and support personnel help our attorneys in the successful representation of clients' interests during trial or settlement. We have access to respected and knowledgeable scientific/technical and medical experts who help us with the preparation of cases.

For people who are seriously injured or people left behind after an accident, there is usually a lot of grief, pain, anger and depression. There may be many questions which are left unanswered. Though it is not possible to change past events, it is possible to ease the burden of individuals who are permanently and deeply affected by the carelessness and misconduct of others. The guidance and support of advisors, trusted friends and members of the family is vital during this difficult time.

Your decision to retain the most experienced legal counselor is one which needs a great deal of consideration. A strong relationship with legal counsel will assist you navigate the many legal problems that will be encountered. Our goal is to hold individuals responsible for the accident liable for their wrongdoings. We are devoted to being persistent and passionate in acquiring just and fair compensation for our clients. Our goal is likewise to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

Wrongful Death

Deaths of a families loved one cause by another's neglect can result in a wrongful death claim. Wrongful death claims, such as personal injury claims, may result when there has been carelessness resulting in motorcycle, car and truck accidents, workplace accidents, malpractice, and death as a result of defective products.

Our wrongful death trial attorneys use a compassionate yet aggressive method to be able to obtain justice and full compensation for our clients. Our goal is to arrive at an outcome which provides for the client's needs in the present and in the future.

Individuals with certain relations to the decedent are entitled to bring wrongful death claims. Typically, these comprise surviving children, spouses, and other dependents. Other people who were dependent upon the decedent at the time of his or her death may have a claim in some situations.

Our experienced attorneys are free to meet with you on weekends, in the evening, at your house (or anywhere) for a free consultation if you have sustained a serious injury or lost a loved one because of the carelessness of others.

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The first people within the area called Red Deer, were the aboriginal tribes, including Plains Cree, Blackfoot, and Stoney. Through the late 18th century, European fur traders began to pass through the area. One of these first settlers, Reverend Leonard Gaetz, purchased and after that gave half of his 1,240 acres to the Calgary and Edmonton Railway to be able to develop a bridge over the river and town site. As a result, the very first train from Calgary to Edmonton went through Red Deer during the year 1891. Red Deer was incorporated as a town in 1901, and it developed mostly its agricultural service and distribution centre. It became more developed during the year 1907, when it was selected as the divisional point for the Canadian Pacific Railway...